Scouting Links

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Planning Resources

US Scouting Service Project - Consolidates adventure descriptions and rank requirements (along with many other resources) with the exception of Lion. - Scouts BSA plans organized by the Scout Law - Filterable by indoor/outdoor/Remote, cost, number of kids (though to some british organizational unit) - A mom's blog who has a lot on cub scouts ( - facebook videos of an adventure a post - Adventure kits about halfway down - Really focused on scouts, largely at the pack level - List of group activities, liked blind draw and for older kids blindfold tent build

TOWN WIDE SCAVENGER HUNT/ROAD RALLY - Basic checklist outdoors - Cool decorated rocks idea think easter egg hunt - Competition idea by den (patrol) for in home one - version, has them doing things scout related with sheets by rank - also relates to some of the PALA awards

APPS - Free for 2 group family thing with some pre-built options - Several pre-built items even in boston, might be fun for a family, not sure about extending to pack