Pack 100's Cubmobile

Like pinewood derby cars, Cubmobiles rely on gravity for propulsion. But unlike those pint-size racers, Cubmobiles are big enough to accommodate drivers.

A Cubmobile is little more than a seat, four wheels and two wooden axles. The rider steers with a rope connected to the front axle — safety blocks keep him from turning too much — and stops by pulling a simple friction brake that drags on the ground.

Pack 100 traditionally participates in the Westford Kiwani's Apple Blossom Festival where we proudly display one of our Cubmobiles in the parade. The day after the parade, we race! Even though the design is simple, the experience is exhilarating. Scouts enjoy learning through their work on the Cubmobile and the thrill of riding them down a hill!

Scout Trivia...

Cubmobiles were first introduced to Scouting in 1937!

Pack 100: Cubmobile 2022