Cubmobile 2020

Before Hand

Make arrangements with MIT Observatory

Get insurance certificate

Sign-up Genius

List of volunteer positions

Time slots to maintain time spacing

Arrange for help from Troops

COVID Safety

Use time slots through SUG to schedule 6 kids at a time for racing

3 minutes per race, 6 kids is 3 heats, and two runs each: 18 minutes

Return the cars up the hill 5 minutes time two kids each: 10 minutes

While non-ideal for bias elimination, each kid races the same car both times

Volunteer wipes down touch points between kids (keep it to 2 minutes)

Masks are required

Hand sanitizer or fresh gloves for racing

Waivers due by Friday night, June 4th, MIT requires a wet signature

Arrange for hay bails

2 months before race day (March)

  • Arrange dates with MIT. DONE

  • Update registration forms.

  • Buy and cut materials for Cubmobiles. Reference the plans and cut list. Each Den should receive a complete set of new wood. Hardware from the previous year Cubmobile is reused.

Need to gather the cars for inspection, necessary fixes and painting - Isaac's, have 2 need another 6 by 5/22

  • Distribute wood/hardware/materials to Den Leaders at April pack meeting. NA 2021

1 month before race day (April)

  • Email both MIT and Pack registration forms to the Pack.

  • Call for hay bales. We used 260 in 2017. Arrange to have them delivered early in the morning of day race. If it’s not possible to get same day delivery confirm with MIT that we may store the bales on-site. Hay bales should be placed off the road surface, on the right-hand side (passenger-side) of the road when descending the hill. Emailed 5/17

  • Rent port-a-potty. Have it placed at top of hill by the garage. United Site Services has Westford Pack 100’s information on file with, mention this and delivery will be easier. $284.23 ~$300 with taxes for weekend

1 Week before race day

  • Obtain Cubmobile stuff from storage. See list for item that are in storage

    1. Check start blocks for proper operation Isaac Has

    2. Check START/FINISH signs still in decent shape. Just Chalk them in

  • Order Slush from Nab One Stop or Market Basket. NA 2021

  • Secure race day volunteers. Use Pack 100’s Signup Genius account. will reach out to troops first by Wed 5/19

  • Email parent’s reminder about race day. Emphasize helmets are required and no one may race without a helmet. SUG Task

  • Prepare race numbers (use template on Pack drive until 2018 folder). Use the Scouts Pack number already assigned to them. Cars will be numbered and assigned ahead of time

  • Prepare timing sheets and prep timing spreadsheet.

2 days before Race Day

  • Confirm porta-potty is in place near white shed at top. United Site Services only delivers during the week so it should have been delivered on the Friday prior to the race. TBD

Race Day Setup

  • Primary volunteers arrive at 10:30 – might suggest they wear long sleeves and gloves for moving hay.

  • Confirm hay bales are along road.

  • Block end of Millstone Road at Rt 40.

  • If possible, borrow Golf cart from MIT.

  • Determine and mark Start line and Finish line (small yellow sign at bottom). See picture of trees that delineate Start line.

  • Hang Start/Finish Signs from PVC poles. Always involves trapsing through the poison oak and trouble getting them to stand so just chalked

  • Set up Timing/Slush tent and tables at bottom. NA 2021

  • Set up registration tent/table at top. NA 2021

  • Align hay bales to form 2 lanes (gap between bales) starting from bottom. Gap can increase as you approach the starting line. Theory being racers are moving very slow at top near start line so save the hay bales for the high speed portion of the track. Extend the center line bales well past the finish line to prevent cars from crossing over and crashing into each other. Hay bales on side of road should be positioned just OFF the side of the road to maximize the amount of road in each lane.

  • Clean track with leaf blower.

  • Mark the centerlines of the two lanes with chalk.

  • Mark staging areas.

  • Mark steering alignment area at top of hill