Cubmobile Rules 2021

Preliminary based on 2019 rules

Westford Pack 100 Cubmobile Rules and Regulations

Prior to the race all cubmobiles will be inspected. Careful inspection of the steering blocks, seat belts, and brake will be preformed. Please pay close attention to these details so all cubmobiles will be allowed to race! Cubmobile specifications are below:

  1. NO CONNECTIONS MAY BE SECURED WITH NAILS! Fasteners must be bolts, lag screws, screws, or wood screws.

  2. The car’s frame must be MADE FROM 2X6 and 2X4 LUMBER AND FOLLOW THE DIMENSIONS OF THE ATTACHED DIAGRAM. Beams must be structurally sound and have NO SPLINTERS! The backrest must be braced.

  3. THE CAR MUST HAVE A SEAT BELT of some type to protect the driver from injury if a sudden stop occurs and this belt must be at least 1/2” wide (to avoid undue abdominal local pressure). Thick rope seat belts are permitted.


  5. THE BRAKE MUST BE BOLT-MOUNTED AND THE CONTACT SURFACE MUST BE COVERED WITH RUBBER OR A SIMILAR SUBSTANCE that will rapidly retard motion. The brake should descend at the rear (as in the diagram) rather than the front, so that the car does not pop off the ground.

  6. THE WHEEL DIAMETER MUST BE 5 TO 10 INCHES AND EACH WHEEL MUST BE ATTACHED TO ITS AXLE WITH A BOLT. No axles with pins are allowed. Wheels may have bearings if desired. All wheels must have SOLID RUBBER TIRES - no inflated tires are allowed.

  7. Wheel bearings can be lubricated with WD40 or similar lubricant.

  8. The steering axle bolt must be double-nutted.

  9. Steering blocks must be less than 1/4" inch from the main frame). Cars whose gap is ¼” or more will have difficulty staying on the course

  10. The rear axle should be square with the main beam, and at least 4 deck screws in addition to the two carriage bolts should be added through the rear axle into the main beam to keep it from shifting.

  11. The corners and edges of the seat and seat back should be rounded to prevent injuries.

  12. NO EXTRA WEIGHT IS ALLOWED. Securely attached lightweight objects (including wood) that do not raise safety concerns such as impaling are allowed for decorative purposes, however.

  13. A tow rope will be mounted on the front axle to be used in bringing the cubmobile back up the hill.

  14. Any writing and/or pictures on the car must be consistent with B.S.A. values

Race Day Time Table

Noon - Setup

1:30 - 2:00 Driver Registration and practice runs (If course is set up)

2:00 Opening Ceremony

2:00 – 5:00pm Racing

Clean up

Cubmobiles will race down in pairs until all the cubmobiles are at the bottom of the hill then they will be walked back to the top by the driver. In the event of a crash the cars will continue down and a ruling will be made if the race is to be re-run.

A race schedule will be prepared ahead of time. In most cases Dens will race against like Dens. The worse case would be a one year separation between racers. A Tiger would not be racing a Webelos.

At the top of the hill the scouts will need to be organized so the races will go quickly. Adults and Den Leaders will be organizing the racers.

Each scout will be allowed two races. The winner is the one with the fastest time. No averaging will be done.

The following roles will need to be filled:

Scheduler -someone who can take the race schedule, get the boys lined up for their races, and helps keep the flow going.

Race Starter - need someone who can add some excitement to the race starts…..”SCOUTS START YOUR ENGINES” and such.

Race Finisher/Timer - stand at the finish line, call the winner, and clock the race times.

Recorder - enter the race times into a spreadsheet.

First Responder - for first aid if needed

Spectators can watch at the bottom of the hill at the finish line or along the coarse if they are not on the track.

This will be a long afternoon so make sure to pack accordingly. Sun screen, food, & and drinks are recommended. Remember to bring a bike helmet and any other protective gear that the scout wants to use.