Pack Meetings and Calendar

Monthly Pack Meetings

Pack 100 traditionally meets the first Friday night of each month at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria at Abbot School in Westford.  Pack meetings are an opportunity to come together with all dens and Scouts at each rank and age.  We use this time to recognize the achievements of our Scouts both individually and as a group.  This is also a forum to share information about upcoming events and provide programs.  Participating in the monthly Pack meeting allows Scouts to understand that their den is part of a larger organization.

2023-24 Pack Meetings 

September Pack Meeting:  9/8/23  Scouting principle: Friendly  We will be making ice cream in a zip lock bag with simple ingredients. Plan to bring a friend!

October Pack Meeting:  10/13/23 Principle: Helpful   We will work on Scout Skills: emergency kit, 6 essentials, knots, and map reading! 

November Pack Meeting:  11/3/23         Scouting principle: Courteous  Animal Adventures will be stopping by to teach our Scouts about some exciting animal friends!

December Pack Meeting:  12/1/23 Scouting principle: Cheerful  What could be more cheerful than playing games? Scouts will have the opportunity to design their own games, teach others, and play!

January Pack Meeting:  1/5/24 Principle: Thrifty   Scouts will exercise their creativity and STEM muscles to turn their post-holiday recyclables into a city! 

February Pack Meeting:  2/2/24 Principle: Reverent    The Birthday of Scouting is on 2/8, and we will honor the legacy of Scouting in this celebration of Blue and Gold! We will coordinate a charitable/community service event in conjunction with our celebration.

March Pack Meeting:  3/1/24 Principle: Obedient    Scouts will obey the rules of PWD (and the laws of physics) as we hold our annual Pinewood Derby Race this month.

April Pack Meeting:  4/26/24 Scouting principle: Kind  In this Pack meeting we will discuss disability awareness and inclusion. We will learn how inclusion is not only a way of being kind, it benefits everyone!

May 2023 Between dance recitals, sports, and other adventures - May is a busy month!  We plan to participate in the Apple Blossom Parade.  We will not hold a formal Pack meeting this month, but Den activities will continue.

June Pack Meeting:  6/7/24 Principle: Trustworthy In June we will hold our Pack meeting followed by an end of season campout the first Saturday of the month. Our Scouts will graduate from their current rank and prepare for the next!

2023-24 Events, Community Service, Outings, and Overnights:












Summer 2024:

Monthly Committee Meeting

On the second Monday of each month, Pack Leadership including all den leaders will meet to review our activities and coordinate future planning. This meeting is open to all Pack 100 adults and we encourage parents and caregivers to participate as much as your schedule allows! The meeting is held virtually over Google Meet for your convenience.

Hike with Pack 100

Escape the indoors!  Pack 100 will host family hiking regularly throughout the year - we do our best to get outside even in the winter months as long as conditions are safe.

Tentative Hikes: