About Us

Pack 100 is made up of girls and boys in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  We meet as a Pack (all grade levels together) at least once per month - typically on the first Friday of each month at 6:30 PM.  During the 2023-24 Season, the majority of our meetings will be held in the cafeteria at Abbot School. We strive to keep our Pack activities to Fridays because so many of our Scouts participate in Sports on the weekends. Sometimes our scheduled activities require that we meet during daylight hours, such as hiking, camping, and our annual Cubmobile race; these special events are held on weekends. When we have Pack camping scheduled, we will hold the monthly Pack meeting around the campfire! 

The Pack will host hiking throughout the season and family camping at least twice per season (Fall and Spring).  We enjoy STEM activities, outdoor skills, and friendly competition.  Our annual Pinewood Derby and Cubmobile events are Pack favorites!  We also enjoy outings such as overnight outings to Battleship Cove or the Air Museum.

We strive to give back to our community as we teach the principles of Scouting.  Pack 100 regularly participates in clean-up events and food drives.

In addition to being part of the Pack, Scouts are members of a den - which is specific to their grade level.  Our dens coordinate their meetings amongst the member families, but typically meet 1-2 times per month.  With their den, a Scout will complete age appropriate adventures, learn skills and earn awards as they gain experience to move to the next rank

Scouting is a family activity.  We ask parents/caregivers to choose at least one Pack event annually to volunteer their time and to assist at the Den level. Siblings are always welcome at our Pack and Den events.

Congratulations, Den 9! 

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Upcoming Events

April Pack Meeting

Our April Pack meeting will be held on April 26th, 2024 - Note: we are not meeting on the first Friday of the month! 

Our Scouts are all unique with different strengths. In this Pack meeting, we will talk about visible and invisible disabilities. Our Scouts will explore how we can make Pack 100 and Scouting more inclusive for everyone and how diversity and inclusion make Scouting better for all of us!

June Campout

Mark your calendars - on June 8th, we will be camping!

Community Service:

Community Garden

As the temperatures rise and the mud dries, 

we will find a day and time to help clean up and open the Westford Community Garden. 

Spring allergies prevent you from helping outdoors? You can also help by saving large cardboard to donate for garden prep!

Thank you to our community for your support of our Popcorn Sales fundraiser!


Muffins on Main

Market Basket

Youth Safety and COVID Precautions 

For the Scouting season 2023-24, the leadership committee met and drafted a tentative schedule for the year.  As we planned, COVID restrictions had been greatly reduced and we have put together a plan that looks a lot like our pre-COVID years.  As we have since 2020, we will stay up-to-date on changes as well as the direction from the CDC and BSA.  We will adapt our plans as needed to ensure that we remain in compliance with state and local guidelines as well as the situations of our members.  We will continue to put the safety of our Scouts and Pack 100 families first.

All events will follow the latest recommendations for social distancing, equipment cleaning, group sizes, and mask use if applicable.  In addition, we will comply with BSA Youth Protection guidelines.  All meetings and activities will continue to require participation of 2 trained leaders at a minimum (aka two deep leadership).

If you do not feel well, please stay home. We will work with you to make sure Scouts are able to make up any adventures or requirements missed when they are sick.