Pack 100 Committee Meeting


December 31st - Pack Rechartered

  • Squeaked in Gold again this year for unit award

  • Had to postpone 1 cub registration till this year

  • Have multiple adults to register now - Isaac reaching out

  • Karen Andresen sat in on final check out in anticipation of handling it next year

  • Had one family in the midst of a personal financial crisis, one parent lost their job, registered with them, would like to waive their costs for the year?

Karen Andresen - Volunteered to take over as Committee Chairman

Isaac Burk - Volunteered to take over as Cubmaster

James LeBlanc - Stepping down as Treasurer in the spring

Advancement summary

Den Meeting Summaries

January 23rd - 29th - Pinewood Derby Weigh in - Isaac’s House By Appointment on pack’s Sign Up Genius

January 24th - Pack hike?

Winter Activity by opportunity - (look up new mom who went on the hike with us in Nov)

  • Ice Fishing at Nab - Isaac & ...

  • Cross Country Skiing in Carlisle

  • Ice Skating @ Sandy Pond -

  • Sledding @ (???)

February 5th- Pinewood Derby

February 21st - Pack Hike

March 5th - Pack meeting - Trivia or ???

March 2nd or 3rd weekend, Crossover

Cub mobile - May/June/July?

Fall 2021 - Schedule Battleship Cove

Pinewood Derby itself

Signup Genius Creation & Management for committees/weigh in

Awards committee

  • Design/Order Awards

  • Distribute awards/return cars before Pack Meeting

Weigh In committee

Track Committee

  • Help with setup and breakdown of the track

Race Committee

  • Oversight of the whole thing

Recording and race committee

  • Will execute the actual race

  • Responsible for the timing

  • Record the event

Editing committee

  • Turn the raw footage into something presentable

    • Rough vision is to show the races using recorded perspectives

    • Show the pics taken of each kid with their car as we do the lineup

    • Incorporate racing sounds and music

    • Fit in the awarding of the various awards throughout the presentation

Race MC - Do the voiceover if required or just talk during the video recording (requires a bit of rehearsal or script)