During the meeting we went through last months minutes for reference as Isaac didn't have a specific agenda. Karen and Daina shared the work they had done for moving things forward. Specific notes are listed below.

Isaac Burk

Karen sending out the language, Sarika and Karen will send requests to k-2 prinicipals.

Daina going to check the pack email that night to make sure links are out.

Daina going to admin the zoom meeting

Thanu going to update the website for us

Isaac to double check that new family presentation is posted.

make sure google versioning includes who did the edits

poorna lion contact infor to Daina

get the pinewood test stuff out to the den leaders in January so they can prep their kids

Thurs 5 nov double check restrictions on hikes or with the state

water bottle rockets - need to remember that there are bottles that don't work

break out rooms for more advanced rocketeers

need more launchers

Tent stakes to hold things down

Scoutbook for running the pack