Use the links below to access Committee files and information.  After clicking a link, will be prompted to login with your Google ID if you are not already signed in to Google on your browser.

Login Info:
After clicking a link below, you will need to login with the Google account that is associated with the email address where you receive committee emails.  Click here for login & account instructions.

Contact Jim Sperry with any questions.

 Committee FILES
   READ/WRITE Link for Desktop

    READ-ONLY Link or for Mobile

◄ Click to access the committee files.  You will have read/write access after logging in (so BE CAREFUL!). If you create any files in this folder, please change ownership of file to the Pack account.
 Pack Roster
    Read-Only Filterable View

    (download as .xlsx instead)

◄ Click to access a read-only, filterable version of the roster (you will have to login).  If you need to make changes to the roster, contact Jim Sperry.

◄ You can also download the roster as a Microsoft Excel file by clicking the link to the left.  Alternatively, you can click the main link, and then click "Go to spreadsheet view" at the top above the roster, and then clicking File > Download as > Microsoft Excel .xlsx (or other formats).

 Committee MEMBERS
   Member List

◄ Click to see the member list.  If you need an email address, click on the bold text of the person's name on that page.

  • The photos in documents look bad?  Explanation: Google Viewer does not fully render the color photographs in non-Google documents to speed up viewing.  If you download the document, and view it in it's native program, it will look normal.  You will notice this with .pdf, .doc, .ppt, etc.
  • The Print Preview, or Google Viewer shows the layout and page breaks incorrectly.  Explanation: If you download the file, or just click print, everything will look correct in the final print.  Google Viewer isn't's meant for speed, not accuracy.