Scouting Basics

Scouting is organized around a “Den” of 6-9 Scouts which belong to a “Pack” of Dens covering the six ranks of Scouting. The packs belong to a “Council” that provides certain services, most notably operating the summer camps. The “Councils” report to the “National” organization that is the “Boy Scouts of America”

Your child is part of a den led by an adult den leader and often an adult assistant or co-den leader.  Den's will either be all male or all female.  Den's progress through six ranks. The ranks are based on grade level as listed below. Children may join cub scouts at any time and will be placed in a Den with children at their grade level, they are not expected to make up any ranks they may have missed.

Kindergarten - Lion Cub

1st Grade - Tiger Cub

2nd Grade - Wolf Cub

3rd Grade - Bear Cub

4th Grade - Webelos

5th Grade - Arrow of Light

Pack 100 is currently comprised of multiple dens at the above ranks with one to three dens at each rank.

For further information, please read the official Guide here