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Behavior Policy and Procedure

Behavior Policy and Procedure

Version 1

December 18, 2011

1. Behavior Policy and Procedure      

1.1. This policy provides all parent and adult leaders a common understanding of the behavior norms and the procedures for dealing with issues if they occur.


1.2. Policy


1.2.1. The behavior of youth at all Scout events is the responsibility of their parent or guardian. Adult Leaders are present to deliver the Scouting program, not to correct inappropriate behavior.


1.2.2. The Pack Committee, following BSA policies, has full rights and authority to determine who will belong to Pack 100 as Cub Scouts, adult leaders, and other volunteers.


1.2.3. The Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, and other adult leaders have the responsibility and authority for maintaining order so that all the cub scouts have a fun and positive experience.


1.2.4. The Cubmaster and Den Leaders have the responsibility and authority to deal with disruptive behavior and discipline issues at their meetings and events.   Guidelines for this are listed below.   Disruptive behavior can include, but is not limited to, disobedience, foul language, teasing or baiting other people, fighting, inappropriate comments, selfishness, dishonesty, failure to keep themselves under control and any unwanted physical contact.


1.2.5. The Adult Leader's responsibility is to deliver a high quality program for as many of the boys as possible.  Adult Leaders are not expected to be counselors, disciplinarians, or special education teachers.


1.3. Procedures


Adult leaders in Pack 100 are urged to follow the guidelines below when dealing with behavior issues.   It is important to communicate behavior issues to the Scout’s parents/guardians and to the Pack Committee as soon as it happens so that corrective actions can be taken and no one is later taken by surprise.


1.3.1. At least one parent must attend, or arrange for a suitable guardian to attend, all Cub Scout activities with their child. In the event that a Scout parent is unavailable to attend an event, and wishes that their Scout attend an event under the supervision of another Parent or Guardian, it is required that the den leader be made aware of the assignment of responsibility.



1.3.2. If a child misbehaves at a Cub Scout event, the adult leader should, as soon as possible, tell the parents/guardians of the child what the child has done and what actions are expected of the child and the parents in the future.  In the case where the behavior is repetitive, or falls into the categories of “Disruptive and/or inappropriate behavior” listed in section 1.2.4 of this document, the Den leader will inform the Committee Chair and Cubmaster who will decide whether to take the issue to the committee or to decide on their own.


1.3.3. If inappropriate behavior continues or if a single episode of behavior is very severe, the adult leader can, after discussion with the Pack Committee: Discuss the behavior problem with the parents and suspend the child from future activities for a period of up to two months, or Ask the Committee Chair or Cubmaster to remove the child from the Den and/or Pack.  If this course of action is taken, the Committee Chair or Cubmaster will notify the parents of its decision in writing.


1.3.4. The situation may arise where a child has been removed or suspended from their Den but is still permitted to work on requirements at home.