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Uploading Instructions

These are UPLOAD instructions.  For DOWNLOAD instructions, click here.

Questions?: contact Jim Sperry.

Please be sure to reference the Pack's Media Policy.

How To UPLOAD and Share Your Photos with Others in a New Album

1. Go to 
Note: OneDrive is the new name for SkyDrive, hence why the older screenshots below say SkyDrive.  These instructions are still accurate, though.

2. Login ID & password are provided in emails from the pack.

Keep the login information private within the pack.

3. If you have not used OneDrive to upload before, ensure you have Microsoft Silverlight installed (this allows you to upload multiple files at once).  Go to this link to check, and install it if needed.  It is a one-time installation.

4. In OneDrive, Navigate to “Pack Events,” or to your Den’s folder under “Den Events.”

5. Click Create > Folder to create a new album.

6. Create an album name in this format:

YYYY-MM-DD Event Name -PhotographerName
example:  2011-05-14 Apple Blossom Parade –Bcenter

7. Go into the new album, and Click “Upload.”

8. Select the files you want to upload, or just drag and drop from your desktop into the browser.  Uploading status is shown in the popup box.  (You no longer have to worry about the “Resize” box in OneDrive) 

You can go and create another album and queue up more uploads while your first uploads are still processing.  Do not close your browser until uploading is complete.

< end of uploading instructions >