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Best Practices for Sending Evites

  1. Login to the pack Evite account.
  2. Start a new Evite.
  3. Fill in all the basic info.
  4. In the Location and Description it is best to make a webpage on our website, and reference that in the Location and Description on the Evite.  If you just put the web address, it will end up showing as a link directly to the page in the emailed Evite that people receive; this is desirable.
  5. In the Description, you may want to include the Note below at the bottom of this page.
  6. IMPORTANT: Be sure to expand the Guest Options section on the right, and allow responders to specify the number of children.
  7. Hit next on the Evite to get to the invitees page.
  8. Go to the Committee Page, and download the current Roster as .xls
  9. In the roster, filter the 'Adult or Scout?' column to show only "Scout"
  10. Scroll to the right and look for the 2 gray columns of email addresses formatted with names (columns titled "Email 1 for Google Group or Evite Add," and "Email 2...")
  11. Copy and paste column 1 into the Evite.  Copy and paste column 2 into the Evite.
  12. Send Evite
  13. Go back and Edit Invitation, then select Manage Guests, then change the Westford Pack 100's RSVP to No.  This will prevent it from being counted as an extra adult.  (Note that this will cause a red X in a circle to appear on the main Evite page next to that event...that is not an issue).

Note for Evite Description:

(Note: If you have 2 email addresses registered with the pack, you only need to RSVP "Yes" from one of them.  You may RSVP "No" from your second address.)