Below is a calendar showing all of the events for the Pack and the individual Dens.

Helpful Hints
You can turn on/off Den calendars you don't need by clicking the little ▼ on the far right of the calendar and using the checkmarks.

Alternatively, you can see just the events for your den and the pack by visiting your Den Page.
You can subscribe to any of the calendars by clicking the "+ Google Calendar" button on the lower right, or if you use a different calendar program, follow the subscription instructions below.

To sync to your smartphone, follow these instructions below.

Calendar Subscribing & Syncing Instructions

How to Sync to SmartPhones using Google Calendar

1. Hit the "+ Google Calendar" at the bottom of the calendar above to subscribe to the calendars you want. (This step is easiest done with a desktop computer)

 Sync to iPhone (complete step 1, above, first):

2. If you have not yet set up Google Calendar syncing on your iPhone, follow these instructions.

3. Then go here, and check off the new calendars to sync to your iPhone, and hit Save.
 Sync to Android (complete step 1, above, first):

2. Android users follow these instructions to set up Google Calendar on your phone, then proceed to step 4 below

4. You may want to set up default reminders for the new calendars.  That is done on a desktop computer at the Google Calendar page.  Pop-up reminders function like regular alarms after syncing to your phone.  You can set more than one reminder to be reminded more than once at different times.  Here are some helpful screenshots.

To UNSUBSCRIBE via Google Calendar, follow these instructions.


How to Subscribe to these calendars using another calendar program, or on your SmartPhone if you don't use Google Calendar:

Cut and paste the URLs shown below into your "Subscribe/Subscribed Calendars" function on your calendar program or SmartPhone. 

Note: By using the "Subscribe" function, then the events will automatically update if we make any changes to them.  If you do not use your "Subscribe" function, and instead simply import the .ics files below into your calendar, then they will NOT auto-update.

Pack Events:

Leadership Committee: