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Egg Drop - April 2015 Pack Meeting

posted Mar 26, 2015, 1:57 PM by Brice Center   [ updated Mar 26, 2015, 1:58 PM ]
Pack 100 Families –


Our April Pack Meeting will be in the Abbot Cafeteria on Friday, April 10th at 7:00 pm.  Please note that this is not the typical date for a pack meeting (usually it’s on the first Friday of the month) so please make sure you show up on the right night.  Part of the event will be outside so please dress accordingly.  And, to take advantage of any daylight, we need to start right at 7:00 pm!


The April Pack meeting will feature our 3rd Egg Drop competition.

Each Scout needs one raw egg and a means of protecting this egg (a “vehicle”) from being broken from a 20 foot fall!  Everything should be built at home prior to the pack meeting.  The egg and vehicle have to be ready to go when your Scout shows up to the meeting.




Creativity is encouraged to come up with a way to protect a raw egg while balancing good cushioning in a light weight design.   This will be a friendly den to den competition, where the den with the lightest weight vehicles that protect the most eggs will win.  Designs are not limited to specific dimensions except that the minimum weight of the vehicle (including an egg) is that of a medium egg, (1.75oz or 50g).


Some Ideas are: shoe boxes, cardboard containers, bags, soda bottle,  large peanut butter jar, or even a pillow that can be packed with soft material to protect an egg.  Please do not use anything breakable such as glass.


Use of a parachute will be allowed but cannot be guaranteed to work when it is dropped.  Balloons may be used, but beware of the minimum weight stated above.  If the designer wishes for the vehicle to be dropped in a certain orientation, then provide a handle, or label “TOP” or “UP”


The vehicles should be designed in a way that they will be easy to open after the drop to inspect the egg.    All material will be thrown away after the egg drop.  Eggs will be collected so they do not litter the school yard.  Plenty of trash cans will be made available.


Thank you,


The Pack 100 Egg Drop Committee



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  • Friday, May 1st                         Pack Meeting – Bottle Rockets (save a 2 liter Coke bottle in preparation)

  • Saturday, May 16th                Apple Blossom Parade – Scouts march, pull cubmobiles & hand out candy

  • Sunday, May 17th                   Cubmobile Race Day!

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*TBD – Fishing Tourney


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